About Shallowford Presbyterian School


All of our preschool and grade school classes adhere to a school-wide, grade-specific curriculum. From letters, colors, and shapes in our toddler class to reading comprehension, research, and basic geometry in our fifth grade class, our goal at SPS is to give each child the tools they need to continue to excel at the next level while continuing to tailor lessons to allow each child to shine. Each class is center-based, meaning there are different areas of the classroom designated to reading, play, exploration, group work, etc.

Shallowford Presbyterian School (SPS) provides a loving, safe environment in which each child feels special and important.  For over 50 years, SPS has nurtured thousands of children, many of whom have returned to enroll children of their own.


Mission Statement  

At Shallowford Presbyterian School our mission is to nurture the whole child by accepting uniqueness and developing an academic, spiritual, and social foundation.

Statement of Values

The extraordinary educators at SPS offer a high quality personalized education with low student-to-teacher ratios, individual attention given to each child, and excellent enrichment programs in the arts and sciences.  SPS uses innovative strategies to prepare students for a lifetime of success. 

SPS is committed to creating a diverse culture in which children of all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to learn, play, and work together in respectful, harmonious, and productive ways.

SPS places high value on its relationship with Shallowford Presbyterian Church, a connection that extends the mission of the Church and reinforces the commitment of SPS to the growth and development of each child’s character.

Since 1964 SPS has served the families of the nearby community, believing that strong community bonds strengthen SPS and create an environment in which all children flourish.


We offer classes for children from 2 years old through 8th grade.  To learn more or arrange a tour call 404-321-3061.  All preschool classes begin at 9:00 am and end at 12:55 pm.  Grade school classes begin at 8:20 am and end at 2:45 pm. SPS uses Dekalb County Schools' calendar for all holidays and school closings due to inclement weather.

Always Growing

Our goal is to provide an affordable, Christian education with low student/teacher ratios and a challenging curriculum. 

Our History

Through various outreach programs and fundraising activities, Shallowford Presbyterian School has been committed to serving the community since our beginning in 1964.


Beginning as a preschool, Shallowford began to grow it's class offerings in 2014 by adding a Kindergarten class. We've continued adding one class per year up through 8th grade.