Curriculum Goals for Pre-K Classes

At SPS, our Pre-K classes spend every day learning through play! With specials like music, Spanish, P.E., and Library each once a week plus a full half hour of recess every day, all of our children get a wonderfully full day of learning and moving. Each class also has chapel on the first Tuesday of every month.


Cognitive Growth

  • Provide language-development activities in listening/receptive language and expressive language.

  • Provide activities to develop pre-reading skills

    • alphabet recognition

    • visual discrimination

    • matching shapes, letters, words

    • recognizing words and listing words on experience charts

    • writing class stories

  • Provide activities to develop pre-writing skills

    • tactile writing experiences with a variety of writing materials

    • tracing activities

    • assembling individual books of beginning story-writing

  • Provide activities to develop beginning math skill

    • matching, sorting, counting concrete objects        

    • grouping objects into sets

    • number recognition and sequencing of numbers

    • graphing and number comparisons

  • Provide experiences in science

    • simple experiments   

    • cooking activities

    • collecting and grouping objects from nature

    • observation and memory skills

  • Provide experiences in social studies

    • simple map skill activities       

    • historical events in the calendar year

  • Facilitate creative and make-believe play

    • with objects          

    • about situations

    • assuming pretend roles

    • interacting with other children

    • with puppets and acting out stories

  • Provide opportunities to practice and develop reasoning and problem-solving skills

  • Provide opportunities to express self through art, music, drama, and creative movement.

  • Provide opportunities to begin learning Spanish.


Emotional Growth

  • Provide a safe, healthy and secure environment away from home.

  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere of joy and warmth for the child.

  • Nurture and become a significant, consistent adult in the child’s life.

  • Create an environment that encourages discovery and exploration.

  • Provide experiences that will increase child’s positive self-image, sense of competence and pride in accomplishments.

  • Provide experiences to develop qualities of responsibility, initiative, and independence and help children learn to face and overcome problems.


Social Growth

  • Encourage social interaction among all class members.

  • Encourage sharing and turn taking.

  • Encourage fairness in large and small group game play.

  • Encourage verbal expression of emotions and feelings.

  • Encourage talking through problems and rationalization.

  • Encourage independence, self-control, and self-help skills.

  • Encourage resolution of conflicts constructively.

  • Encourage conforming to rules and following directions.

  • Encourage working cooperatively with others.

  • Encourage a sense of initiative.

  • Encourage responsibility to maintain classroom environment.

  • Encourage respect for authority, property, and the rights of others.


Physical Growth

  • Provide opportunity for large muscle development.

  • Provide opportunity for small muscle development.

  • Demonstrate and encourage good habits of health and safety.


Spiritual Growth 

  • Encourage and model showing love for each other.

  • Demonstrate and encourage consciousness of God.

  • Guide in development of ecological values and concern for God’s world.

  • Help children recognize differences and likenesses in people and to show acceptance.

  • Provide learning experiences about Christmas and Easter.

  • Introduce rituals of thankfulness and concern.