Sixth - Eighth Grade

Shallowford Presbyterian School is excited to announce the addition of sixth, seventh, and eighth grades to offer a K-8 school model. One grade will be added per year, beginning with sixth grade in the 2021-22 school year, followed by 7th in the 2022-23 school year, and 8th in the 2023-24 school year.


By developing a K-8 school, SPS can continue to grow our students’ academic, social, and emotional foundation in a nurturing and supportive environment. Students have the opportunity to be confident leaders, tutors, and mentors to younger students. Given a balance of freedom and responsibility, they are encouraged to become self-reliant and self-disciplined and to take control of their growth as scholars, citizens, and contributors. Students are supported and given the framework needed to handle strong emotions, set and meet goals, make good decisions, and forge positive relationships.


Class size is restricted to sixteen and has the support of an assistant teacher, making it possible to individualize instruction. The curriculum deepens students’ exposure to foundational concepts while stressing critical, interpretive, and evaluative thinking skills. Within an engaging classroom, students strengthen their reading comprehension and writing skills, expand their history and geography knowledge, and learn advanced mathematical concepts in preparation for higher level education. In addition to the core fundamentals, SPS 6th-8th grade will offer Physical Education, Health, Music, Art, Spanish, and Christian Education in an intensive semester format. 


By incorporating technology, workshops, and hands-on experience, each student develops the skills to become an active, motivated, and independent learner, positioning them for success in their future learning endeavors. It is our goal to provide students with educational excellence with an affordable yearly tuition.

Please email with any questions about this exciting expansion.

To check out the curriculum for

grades 6-8, click here.