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GOAL Tax Credit

By simply choosing to contribute to Georgia GOAL for a 100% Georgia income tax credit, you're helping to provide financial aid to deserving families seeking a Shallowford Presbyterian School education.

The GOAL Program remains an extraordinary opportunity granted to Georgians by our legislative representatives. However, it's never been in higher demand.

When you contribute to Georgia GOAL, our partnering Student Scholarship Organization, you're not only awarded a 100% state income tax credit, but also the satisfaction of knowing your dollars are making a real difference in our community.

How to Secure Your Contribution & 2025 Tax Credit


Apply Now

Applications for the 2025 tax year will open in June, 2024.

Learn more about GOAL and complete the 2025 GOAL Tax Credit Application before the end of 2024 (takes just 20 seconds!).


GOAL Submits to DOR

GOAL will submit your application to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) on the first business day of January 2025.



By mid-January 2025, GOAL and DOR will notify you of the approved tax credit amount and payment deadline.


Make Payment

Pay GOAL by check, credit card, or ACH within 60 days of DOR approval (by mid-March 2025).


Claim the Credit

GOAL will send you Form IT-QEE-SSO1 (tax receipt) in May 2025 for claiming the credit on your Georgia income tax return. (Note: You will claim the credit on the income tax return for the year in which you make the payment).

For any questions, please contact Maggie Casner at
Thank you for your continued support of Shallowford Presbyterian School!

Tax Credit Limits Based on Filing Status

Tax Filing Status
Contribution Limit
Single Filer
Married Separate Filer
Married Joint Filer
Pass-Through Owner (not making HB 149 election)*
C Corp, Trust, or Pass-Through electing to pay tax at the entity level (HB 149)*
75% of annual tax liability

*Pass-through businesses can achieve considerable benefits through the GOAL tax credit due to favorable state and federal tax laws and regulations. These include a state tax credit, a federal tax deduction, and a substantial philanthropic impact. Learn more here

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